Homes for Sale in Brookhaven

Brookhaven is a wonderful neighborhood for a variety of reasons. A first impression could be “friendly and congenial”. The lots are bigger than many you may find in Raleigh, especially in the older area. It is hilly and has very mature landscaping and it is just beautiful in the spring. Homes for sale in Brookhaven vary in size and design, including many that are the ranch style with basements. Many of these will have the 8 foot ceilings and many have been undergoing renovations through the years. These are really not going to be tear-downs.

Note: Although Raleigh can be hilly in places, it is interesting that there are not tons of basements, or at least basements that feel like a part of the living space and not just for storage.

More about Homes for Sale in Brookhaven

As a child growing up in Raleigh, I had a lot of friends who grew up in Brookhaven and they all still have close friendships with others who grew up there. It was one of the first and most popular neighborhoods “outside of the beltline” back when Raleigh began growing. A friend’s dad bought the property and began developing it and a lot of people thought he was crazy!

Another reason I love Brookhaven is the close proximity to so many things. It is an easy jump on to I-440 (the Beltline). Crabtree Valley Mall is at the base of Brookhaven. Great restaurants are nearby (my favorite Mexican) as are a variety of grocery stores, including a huge Harris Teeter, new in 2015.  Harris Teeter is a wonderful grocery store chain. Besides having a Starbucks inside, you can shop online at and a store employee will shop your list for you.  All you do is pull up front and they will load your car!  This is awesome for someone who is ill and having a friend shop for them, moms with small children, or even for someone who has a busy life and hates to shop at the grocery!

Brookhaven has 2 elementary schools within/near its boundaries: York Elementary and Jeffrey’s Grove Elementary Schools. When I lived in Brookhaven, my daughter switched  to Jeffrey’s Grove from Root Elementary and had a wonderful experience. Three girls from our neighborhood are her best friends still – and they are in their 20’s.

Brookhaven covers an area bordered by Glenwood Avenue, Creedmoor Avenue, Lynn Road and Ray Road. Homes for sale in Brookhaven generally range between $200,000 and $700,000.  Brookhaven West, at the corner of Millbrook and Ray Roads, has it’s own entrance and tends to have homes for sale between $400,000 and $600,000. The oldest homes in Brookhaven are between Glenwood Avenue and Millbrook Road and were built in the 50’s. There are newer and larger homes between Millbrook and Lynn Roads  with a brand new neighborhood going in on Ponderosa Road in 2016. Part of Ponderosa used to be a private road with 5 homes on 15 acres until 2015 when they were torn down and the road was joined with Battleford Road in Brookhaven. M/I Homes is building a subdivision of 41 homes called Reserve at Brookhaven with homes ranging in the $600,000’s.

A drive to downtown Raleigh from Brookhaven will take about 20 minutes, and a drive north to the airport will take about 25 minutes – both on Glenwood Avenue – in opposite directions. Creedmoor Road is Highway 50 and goes north.

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